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About Us
Linda Accola  
Welcome to Spring Valley Shelties. I am located in
Southwest Iowa where the tall corn grows. Surrounded by
fields I live on 5 acres. You can see for miles in all
Over 25 years ago my first sheltie was given to me as a pet,
Amber a beautiful mahogany sable. I fell in love with the
breed. She was spayed but I knew I wanted to raise
shelties. I was lucky enough to find Mac Gregor VIII an
outstanding male and shortly after found Candy (Candice
Starbright) a beautiful sable and white girl. Both dogs had
similar pedigrees, Bigwoods and Banchory lines, after the
first litter of puppies were born I was hooked. Raising one
or two litters a year and watching  the smiles on new
families faces were priceless. I started small and stayed
small. I am dedicated to Shelties and the betterment of the
Over the years I have learned a lot about Shelties and
continue to learn daily. I raise shelties to provide you with
high quality pets and have show prospects available upon
occasion. Genetic testing is done on all my Shelties before
they are used for breeding. The health and well being of my
Shelties is my number one priority. I have in this past few  
years I have been lucky enough to have friends who
mentor me and I have been showing my dogs with the AKC.
I strive to provide the best Shelties with great
temperaments, wonderful movements, and outstanding
personalities Anyone would be proud to have one of them
join their family.

All of my dogs are tested for genetics including Hips OFA
Eyes Pra,Collie eye,MDR1 Vwd, DM.
All of my dogs are
registered AKC.
My 3 children are grown and on their own now. Please take
a few minutes to take a look at my four legged children.
They are the loves of my life!!
Proud to Be a Hobby Breeder
A dog is love.
A dog is devotion.
A dog is self-sacrifice.
A dog is valor.

I would die for my dogs.
They would die for me.

Support the hobby dog breeder.
We care for and study dogs all our lives.
We care about beauty, soundness, and health.
We are the only breeders who care about
Courage, intelligence, spirit, and character.
We are the ones who welcome each puppy
With joy, seeing in the little one a host of
Grandfathers and grandmothers whose genes
Came down to this special puppy. We take
Great care in finding homes for each one.
We are the ones you see at the dog shows.
We are the ones who take responsibility for every
One of our dogs throughout its life.
We do not own rescue
Money is not our goal.
We hold the old ones in our arms as they leave us.
We are the glorious past of each breed.
We are the future of dogs.
Spring Valley Shelties